Modular 8×8 Firmware version 1.5.100 – IMPORTANT

On Monday 18th of May we rolled out a firmware release to all live Modular 8×8 units. Whilst the update was being delivered to the units we suffered an ISP issue causing the update file to be corrupted in some instances. Most units will repair themselves automatically. If your unit is displaying a ’1021 cant reach gateway’ error or stuck in a boot loop please follow the instructions below

1. Remove and re-insert the SDCard from the slot on the front by pressing it once to pop it out and press again to pop it back in. This should resolve things in most cases. (This may need to be repeated if the first attempt fails)

2. In more rare cases, it may be that removing all of the cat5 cables from any HDBaseT outputs and then removing and replacing the SDCard is required.

3. In extreme instances, a manual software update is required. To perform this, the SDCard needs to be fully removed from the unit and placed in a Windows based PC. Open The SD Card and remove all files except the ‘SETTINGS.INI’ File. Then file below needs to be downloaded, extracted, then the three files within need to be placed on the root of the 8×8 SDCard. Once there, the card can be inserted back into the 8×8, it should reboot and apply the correct software. Normal operation of the 8×8 will then resume.

If none of the above works, or you require further assistance please contact the technical team via phone or email on 01684576348 &

Firmware files – Download