MHUB-OS Firmware 1.30 update – Complete

The first part of this update roll-out has now been completed. Any new MHUB’s connected to the internet will automatically upgrade when the unit is powered on, this may extend the boot time by 30 seconds

 MHUB Firmware 1.30

HDA Cloud is moving to a new & more sophisticated server.
This will automatically start at 8:00am (BST) Monday 30th July.

HDA Cloud is our secure online portal that allows you to remotely access any network-connected MHUB system around the world. It allows you to remotely manage, configure, and troubleshoot installations to help keep your systems running smoothly.
Perhaps most importantly, HDA Cloud is our central data storage server and we take our responsibility to keep all data super safe and secure very seriously. As such, we have provisioned the very latest server technology and security for a faster and more secure connection. Additionally, the platform will enjoy new features and upgrades which will be revealed soon!

The update will come in two stages; first, we will update MHUB systems around the world and after that is complete we will move HDA Cloud to its new home. You will not need to do anything. MHUB systems will update in the following order:

MHUB systems

MHUB MAX (4×4) – Monday 30th July 2018 – Complete
MHUB PRO (4×4) 40 – Wednesday 1st August 2018 – Complete
MHUB (8×6+2) – Wednesday 1st August 2018 - Complete
MHUB (4×3+1) – Thursday 2nd August 2018 - Complete
MHUB PRO (4×4) 70 – Friday 3rd August 2018 – Complete
MHUB PRO (8×8) 70 - Friday 3rd August – Complete

HDA Cloud Migration - Monday 6th August

– Complete
During this migration, HDA cloud will be unavailable. Starting at 10.00am UTC for 4 hours.

In most case’s this is a background update and should not require any user interaction. However, some systems may need a manual hard reboot (full mains power down for 10 seconds, then reconnect) to apply the update. MHUB video operation will function, but if you notice MHUB control (uControl/MHUB-OS/control system) is not responding, perform the above reboot.


To confirm that the unit has been updated either check in MHUB-OS on the MHUB setup page or check on HDA Cloud