mHub 2K PoE (4×4) 3.52.636

mHub 2K PoE

Product Code: 3.52.636

The limited edition mHub 2K PoE builds on the functionality of the original mHub 2K, adding HDBaseT-Pro (Class A) technology and supporting the full 5-Play™ feature set: uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 10/100 Ethernet, power over cable and control signals over a single Cat 6 cable.

IMPORTANT: mHub 2K PoE systems share the same system architecture as our earlier Multiroom+ models (now discontinued). For this reason, the support articles for Multiroom+ systems now apply and are relevant to mHub 2K PoE.

Support articles

Troubleshooting: “No picture on one of the TVs connected to my matrix”

In order to effectively troubleshoot this problem, we need to deduce whether or not the matrix, the HDMI cables, extender set, or other connectivity accessories such as wallplates, repeaters or cable joiners are at fault.

Troubleshooting Step 1

Swap the outputs over on the matrix to see whether the problem follows the cable run, or stays associated with the HDMI port…..continue reading

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