Modular (4×4) 3.50.62

Modular 4×4

Product code: 3.50.62 MOD44

Modular 4×4 is a triple award-winning HDMI matrix that supports 4K ULTRA HD video up to distances of 100m. Modular is customisable, meaning that you can spec a 4×4 chassis to have two inputs and four outputs, or three inputs and four outputs for example. This gives installers the ability to build a matrix that is the exact size needed for each job.

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Modular MOD44 Serial Codes, Port Settings and IP Codes

Serial Control Pin Settings -  Straight through pins 2, 3 and 5. (If using a pre-made cable please disconnect pins 4 and 7) Port Settings baud rate: 57600 parity: none bits: 8 stopbits: 1 flow control: none DTR and RTS off Command Line – Module/Set/{inputId}/{outputId} {inputId} is the input you wish to change the routing […]

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