uControl OS (uOS)


A new operating system for the Everyday Smart Home.

Faster, more intuitive and packed with powerful new control capabilities, uOS can control all your media, music and mood from one place.

Ensure that you are running the latest version of uOS or have updated your system before reading these articles.

uOS Utilities

Install uControl Packs

A uControl Pack allows you to control 1000s of AV devices using IR or IP. This guide will help you download uControl Packs into uOS and configure them to work on our app or smart remote.

Creating Sequences

In uOS, a Sequence is what other people call “macros” and is a number of control commands that can be executed from one button press or action. Learn how to create them in this article.

Looking to schedule your Sequence?

Using Functions

Functions are small custom commands that you can add to uControl app or smart remote to trigger almost anything over IP. Additionally, Functions allow you to build logic that triggers opposite actions and embed them into Sequences to add more inteligence into your project.

IP Cheatsheets

Step-by-step guides to integrate devices into uOS over IP for popular brands like Lutron, KNX, Gude, Rako, Philips Hue, Shelly and many more devices.

Configure uControl Remote

This guide will help build a default Zone configuration for the uControl Remote and will show you how to customise the behaviour of the device to suit your control requirements.

Building stacked systems

Take a deep dive into stacked systems and how they work to build stacked systems in uOS to upgrade older MHUB devices, build large video distribution projects or deploy video and audio matrix into a property.


Access the advanced pages inside uOS to carry out complex analysis, diagnostics and troublshooting tools to help maintain your uOS system.

3rd party controllers in uOS

How to easily integrate 3rd party controller systems like Elgato, Rithum, Shelly, Apple and more into uOS using HDANYWHERE’s API.

Disabling CEC

How to disable CEC on your MHUB via a search engine, Hercules or Netcat.