EX50 3.53.631


Product code: 3.53.631 CV-CH-FF-44-CAT30-BUN

EX50 is a HDMI extender set with built-in splitter and ARC audio extraction. With EX50 you can deliver 1080p video up to 50m / 164ft and 3D up to 40m / 131 ft over a single Cat cable. EX50 supports two-way IR, allowing for control at both source and display locations.

The built-in HDMI loop output, designed for use with a local display or AVR, eliminates the need to purchase an additional splitter, enabling professional integrators to minimise expenditure and achieve the neatest possible finish.

Support articles

EDID profiles: 3D when using EX50 50m extender set

If you’re looking to distribute a 3D source device using the EX50 50m extender set, then carry out the following steps. 1. Before you connect your 3D source device to the transmitter, locate the SimplEDID dial on the side of transmitter, which is labelled with the figure 3 below: 2. On the SimplEDID profile table […]

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