MHUB-OS – MHUB’s Operating System

MHUB-OS is the operating system at the heart of all MHUB4K’s and MHUB4K PRO’s

Platforms: Browser Based

Full Matrix Configuration
MHUB-OS allows you to completely configure your matrix from your phone or computer with no need to install any software.

From MHUB-OS you can configure… Cloud Access, Network Settings, EDID management, UCONTROL and a lot more!



Updating MHUB-OS to the latest version

Updating your MHUB to the latest version of MHUB-OS is very easy and can be completed in a couple of minutes. Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure your MHUB is up-to-date.
Update MHUB-OS

Configuring and using uControl

Connecting to your MHUB, configuring your source devices, naming your rooms and using the app to switch between and control of your source devices -
Configuring uControl.

Voice integration

MHUB 4K PRO units support voice control,
Voice control with Amazon Echo

Voice control with Google Now


How to create and modify sequences Sequences

Related support


uControl Offers a beautifully simple option for AV system control

HDA Cloud

What is cloud and why is it important HDA Cloud