Creating a Function in uOS

If your HDA device has uControl, you are able to use Functions which allow you to manage the on/off, up/down, mute/unmute and open/close state of your devices and include them into your sequences.

In this support article:


Creating a Function in uControl

1. Open uControl

From the main screen navigate to the menu in the top left.

What you see on the main screen may differ, however, the three lined menu bar will still be there.

2. Navigate to your settings

Look for the settings icon located in the bottom left corner.

The icon may vary depending on your mobile devices size, although it will still be in the bottom left corner.

3. Access system

From here press “Access System”.

This is your device page which displays your units model and IP address.

4. Sequences

In this menu press “Manage Sequences”.

This will take you to the page where you manage both Sequences and Functions.

5. webUI

The webUI can also be easily accessed by typing you devices IP address into a website URL.

You will be taken to the uOS home page, open the menu in the top left and select “Sequences”.

6. Add new

We are now in the sequences page where you can see your available sequences, and current functions. Press “Add New”.

A pop-up will appear asking if you’re creating a Function or Sequence, choose Function.

7. Functions

Now we need to create your Function.

In this page label what your Function does, choose Boolean and whatever method you have been controlling this device by (in this case IR), and then the port at which the device is plugged into along with the command you wish to execute.

8. Zone selection

Certain zones won’t require your Functions to be present in them as the devices you’re controlling are in another room, so select which Functions are required where appropriate.

As the method is Boolean, there will always be an on and an off command which can be toggled by pressing the Function in the app.

9. Activating your Function

Open the menu in the top left and you will see your available Sequences.

You may have only selected a certain zone for your Sequence to be available in, to chnage between zones press the downward arrow and you can switch between them.