How to disable the beep on mHub 2K and 4K (4×4 and 8×8)

To disable the beep on the mHub 2k range of matrices please following the instructions below using either I.P or RS232 connection methods.

To adjust the settings on the mHub range of products, you will need to download the controller software Download

 A) Connecting to the mHub Via I.P

The mHub 2K’s IP address is pre-configured as, your computer will need to have it’s IPV4 range configured to be within the same range initially while you setup the matrix. (You don’t need to follow this step if you have a mHub 4K system)

To configure your IPV4 settings you will need to navigate to the following menu

->Network and sharing center

——->Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)


Once you have changed the IP settings on your PC, open the Mhub controller software.

In the Control Mode Select Box choose ‘IP’, then click the ‘Search’ button. When the IP address shows in the mHub IP box, click connect.


B)  Connecting to the mHub Via RS232

To connect via RS232 use the supplied serial cable can connect between the mHub and your PC, then on the Controller software select ‘RS232′, then in the RS232 Options section select the Com port being used from the drop down menu then click connect



C) Disabling the Beep

To disable the beep select the ‘Control’ tab and untick the box labeled ‘Enable Feedback Beep’.


Once changed, you can verify the beep has been disabled by performing a source switch operation.