Using MHUB with an AVR

Using an AVR and MHUB for multichannel audio in 1 room/zone.

Adding a cinema or media room to MHUB is a relatively easy task for the MHUB to do but if you are planning to have a room with equipment inside it that is of a higher specification to the rest of the property then you need to do a little pre-planning beforehand.


For best results the source(s) that will be watched in that room should be fixed to serve just that room.

The chances are that this room will have the best display capability and the best audio capability. Because all HDMI sources (bluray, AppleTV, Amazon Fire etc) can only output one format of video and one format of audio at any given time you should ideally serve this room with sources dedicated to it. This way the source can be set to output the correct video resolution and audio format without having to readjust when the stereo 1080p TV accidentally tries to request a picture from the source.

If you have MHUB PRO then we recommend using the HDMI cable direct to your AVR and then the digital coax after.

… Then tell MHUB to only request what that room can handle

Other displays in your property (like that 1080p display in the kitchen) are able to contact your source device to downgrade it’s audio and video capability. You can block this from happening by selecting an appropriate EDID profile for your source from within MHUB-OS.

You don’t need to do this if you fix the output from the source device to your room but we recommend it to make sure your system doesn’t suffer from strange behaviour.

I would like that source available throughout my property? What happens if I fix the source and set EDID above?

If the source is fixed to output 5.1 then MHUB will deliver 5.1 audio to all HDBaseT outputs connected to MHUB. If your TV or display can decode and downmix multichannel audio into stereo (many now do) then you will hear the content correctly in stereo. If the TV is unable to decode the 5.1 audio then you are likely to have audio problems or hear nothing at all.

Listening to content on all displays.

Are there any ways around this problem?

Yes. Many modern TVs can accept a 5.1 audio signal so that they can work with 5.1 compatible soundbars over HDMI ARC or Optical connections. Depending on the TV specification, it can work in two ways:

  1. MHUB outputs 5.1 audio to the TV and it passes the audio directly to a compatible soundbar (additional soundbars required).
  2. MHUB outputs 5.1 audio to the TV and the TV downmixes the audio back into stereo.


This will mean that you get 5.1 audio in rooms where you need it and stereo everywhere else. It is important that you check the specification of your displays carefully before considering this option. Older TVs are not likely to handle multichannel audio at all ruling out this option entirely.