Control Drivers for MHUB Series (IP / RS232) MHUB2K/MHUB4K (2016/2017)

Control Drivers for the MHUB Family (IP / RS232 / IR) – MHUB2K44 MHUB2K88 MHUB4K44 MHUB4K88 MHUB4K431 MHUB4K862 MHUB4KPRO44 MHUB4KPRO88

We have ready-made control system drivers available for MHUB series systems for all the major control systems.

These can all be found in our control pack which can be downloaded Here

Also included in this are the raw IP and RS232 strings so you can create custom drivers and commands for MHUB.

If you have an older MHUB system (2-15 or older) or Modular System, then you can find the drivers below.

Control4 (IP Driver)*

Crestron (IP Driver)*

AMX (IP Driver)*

RTI (IP Driver)*

* -For mHub 4K (2015) please use Modular 4×4 driver

HDanywhere Modular 8×8, 4×4 and mHub 4K Product Support For Loxone

HDanywhere Modular 8×8, 4×4 and mHub 4K Product Support For Loxone

We are pleased to say that we have an IP based ready-made control system driver for Loxone for HDanywhere Modular 8×8 and 4×4 and the mHub 4K. The driver currently supports video switching and may grow to encompass larger parts of the API over time. The driver now comes bundled inside the Loxone Config software so no download is required.

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What do the flashing lights on my HDBaseT receivers mean?


  1. HDCP indictor light – shows whether a handshake between that display and source has been authenticated

  2. Link indicator light – confirms the TV receiver is connected to the hub

  3. Mode indicator light – if flashing all is correct

  4. Power indicator light – Lit when the TV receiver is on