Routing 3D Blu-ray via a multiroom+ system

Routing 3D Blu-ray (BR) via a multiroom+ system can be a challenge and in some cases, due to an incompatible mix of displays, will not be possible. Whether or not 3D Blu-ray formats can be routed via a multiroom+ system greatly depends on the mix of HDTVs, their capabilities and the 3D BR source itself.

1. Poll your display capabilities

NB: Have a pen and paper handy to record the results of the following tests. In order to route 3D effectively, it is essential that you deduce the lowest common 3D resolution that all your 3D displays can support. (In most cases this is either 720p/60hz 3D or 1080p/24hz 3D)

What type of 3D displays do you have connected to the multiroom+ system and how many?
Are they 3D-ready TVs or Full 3D TV sets?
Do they use passive glasses or active shutter glasses?
NB: You may need to consult the TV manual to check the full capability of the displays.

2. Fix your 3D source device output

Go into your 3D BR settings menu and fix 3D video output setting to to match the 3D resolution that you have confirmed all your displays can support.

3. 3D playback via the matrix

In order to route 3D content via, ALL active (i.e. powered on) connected displays need to be 3D compatible. Even, if just one of the displays is not 3D compatible, the 3D BR player will NOT output the 3D content. The HDMI handshaking process will trigger the source player to drop it’s resolution output so that all displays can show content.

The problem is HDMI is designed such that the Source ‘polls’ the EDID data (EDID is a display’s identity card stating what it’s capabilities are, a bit like a top trumps card) from all connected Sink devices (your 3D enabled display and non-3D enabled AVR) and outputs the lowest quality video signal all devices support (2D in your case).

To ensure 3D IS routed, the non-3D compatible display device must not be ‘active’. Sometimes turning the display into standby will be sufficient and sometimes full power off is required.

Essentially, the 3D source player must not be able to ‘see’ a 2D only display connected to system when requesting 3D BR playback.

For best results when using 3D Blu-ray

– HD Connectivity recommends… not actually connecting your 3D Blu-ray (BR) player to the Matrix. As Blu-ray 3D content is generally only viewed at a single ‘main’ TV location, in this instance it is better to have a direct connection between source and display, bypassing the Matrix completely. This will avoid any potential for ‘black screen’ situations at the other TV locations. It will also ensure that absolutely the best 3D format is selected for use on that display, not a potentially reduced quality 3D format that a lower 3D-capable display, connected to the matrix can influence the 3D BR to output. (Plus wearing those massive 3D glasses all around your house is really not cool and could result in you bumping into doorframes! – Ed)