Control Drivers for 4×4 Multiroom+ POE System (IP / RS232 / IR) – HKHDA44P

Control Drivers for 4×4 Multiroom+ and POE System -  HKHDA44P

We have ready-made control system drivers available for the 4×4 Multiroom+ Version 3 and POE Systems for the major control systems used in the UK. These are either IP, IR or RS232 Based.

Each download package for Control4, AMX, Crestron and RTI also includes support for the 4×4 HDMI Matrix (HKM44-UK, both V1 and V2), 4×4 Multiroom+ Singlewire (HKHA414SW, V1, V2 and V3) and the Multiroom+ 8×8 System (HKHA818SW).

If the control system you are using is not listed, there’s a separate support article with details of how to download the RS232, IP and Infrared codes to allow you to create your own drivers for the various other control systems available.

Alternatively, we can have drivers built on a custom basis for control systems by our software team.

If you need any further information or support,
you can contact customer services here.

Please click on the link below that matches the control system you need the driver for.

Control4 (IP and RS232)

Crestron (IP and RS232)

AMX (IP and RS232)

RTI (IP and RS232)