iRule control drivers for HDanywhere multiroom systems

HDanywhere Product Support within iRule

We have pleased to say that ready-made control system drivers available for the range of HDanywhere product listed below, natively, within the iRule software itself. iRule have built these drivers in-house and tested them internally. Drivers are accessed from within the iRule programming software. Where possible, for maximum compatibility, drivers are infrared, RS232 and IP. Products and protocols will continue to be added and this support page updated.

4×2 Multiroom+ Hybrid PoE on IR

4×4 Multiroom+ PoE on IR and RS232

4×4 Multiroom+ V1, V2 and V3 on IR and RS232

4×2 HDMI Matrix V1 and V2 on IR

4×4 HDMI Matrix V1 and V2 on IR


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