Modular Error Codes (4×4 and 8×8)

Error Code Description
1001 Corrupt Service Card – Replace the SDCard or format and re-create
1002 Insert valid SDCard – No card detected or installed in the unit
1003 Write Protect Mode – SDCard is in write protect mode
1004 System Failure – MatrixOS is missing from the system and needs to be installed – i.e. rebuild the SDCard
1005 Insert Service Card – Insert an SDCard with a valid matrix OS firmware image
1006 Update failed – No firmware image found
1007 Update failed – Firmware image is corrupt or invalid
1008 Update failed – Firmware image is too large for the system.
1009 Remove service card – A bulk update card is installed and the update is complete, ready for a normal service card.
1010 Onscreen message varies – The unit update has failed and will be showing where internally in the unit it has failed.
1011 Update failed writing to flash. A critical error and process was stopped
1012 Communication Fault – The system cannot bring up internal communication bus and is unable to proceed
1013 Module Fault – Comes with specified module number
1014 System Fault – An internal IC has failed, indicated by the extended error code
1015 Input hotplug fault. Unable to enable the hot plug 5V voltage for one or more input modules
1016 EDID Setup Fault – The system cannot bring up the EDID mixing routines
1017 Communication fault – The system cannot bring up the 5V I2C communication line
1018 IR Mux fault – The system cannot bring up the IR Mux subsystem
1019 IR Capture fault – The system cannot bring up the IR capture subsystem
1020 Local Network Failure – Unable to ping the local gateway
1021 Remote Net Failure – Unable to ping DNS servers
1022 Module Power Fault – The system reports that one of the voltages used to power modules is not functioning correctly
1023 Network HW Fault – The network hardware has a hardware fault
1024 Network HW Fault – EDID Read Failure – the system has failed to read the EDID from a connected device
1025 Network HW Fault – Filesystem Fault – The system has an issue reading from the SDCard
1026 Network HW Fault – Invalid update URL – The custom URL for retrieving updates is not valid
1027 Network HW Fault – Discovery failure – the system has failed to enable its auto discovery feature (SDDP)
1028 Network HW Fault – Invalid Aux MCU – the Component fitted is incorrect
1029 Update failed – This version is too old for this part
1030 Invalid Module – A module is inserted in the wrong port