mHub 2K control system integration

The mHub 2K range has full support for most popular control systems via serial (RS232) or IP.

All control strings and current available drivers are available in the mHub control pack, available here – mHub Control Pack

To control the mHub 2k unit via IP you will first need to discover it by using the mHub controller software available in the control pack.

The mhub 2K’s IP address is pre-configured as, your computer will need to have it’s IPV4 range configured to be within the same range initially while you setup the matrix. To configure your IPV4 settings you will need to navigate to the following menu

->Network and sharing center
——->Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)


Configure your settings as shown in the image, this will change your computer IP range and you will temporarily lose internet connectivity (if your previous IP range was different from this)

Once you have changed the IP settings on your PC, open the Mhub controller software

mhub controller pic 1

In the mHub controller software select IP and then press the ‘search’ button, this should locate your mHub matrix. Press ‘connect’ the red button should turn green.

Press the configure button

mHub IP

Change the IP configuration to manual (static), and then enter an IP address within your home network range that is not currently being used and then click ‘Set IP’.

You can now go back into your IPV4 settings and set them back as they were before (obtain an IP address automatically)

Your matrix is now on your home network and will be able to receive IP commands from whatever control system you are using.

Looking for the mHub 4K information, go here – mHub 4K