Enabling DHCP on MHUB U if you have lost it on your network

If your MHUB has been configured with a fixed IP address and you changed your network infrastructure then your MHUB may become unreachable by your new router.

With MHUB PRO models it is possible to enable DHCP from the front panel. With MHUB U, you must follow the steps below.

Items needed

  • Serial to phoenix Cable (included in your MHUB packaging)
  • USB to Serial adaptor or a PC with a 9-pin serial COM port (see below for image)
  • Hercules Software – Hercules SETUP utility – Produced by www.HW-group.com.


1. Install Hercules and open the software on your PC or laptop

Hercules interface

2. Connect the serial to phoenix cable to the MHUB

3. Go back to Hercules, ensure that the Baud is 115200, the Data Size is 8, the parity is None, the Handshake is OFF and finally, the Mode is Free.

4. Click on the “Open” button. Your PC will now connect directly to the MHUB

5. Type DHCPON! in the box labelled “Send” and click “Send”. Make sure that “Hex” remains unticked.

6. You will receive a response in the “Received/Sent Data” box. This will confirm that the MHUB has been reset to DHCP.

7. Hard reboot your MHUB by pulling the power out from the back of the system.

8. Reconnect MHUB to your router as normal and power up the system. Your MHUB should now be discoverable.

Serial to phoenix Cable

Older MHUB U model?

If your MHUB U has a USB port on the right hand side of the front panel then please follow these steps to reset your system. Using Hercules from the steps above, send the following command:

  • Baud Rate 9600
  • Data Size 8
  • No parity
  • Restore Command: %0911. (include the full stop “.”)
  • Query IP Command: %9964.