Resolving MHUB-OS “Critical Error”


If you notice that uControl has stopped responding or your control system is no longer controlling your MHUB or HDA device and you see a screen similar to the one above when you visit MHUB-OS’ IP address then it is likely that a core file within MHUB has become corrupted or is missing.

Generally, this error affects systems that are on very early versions of MHUB-OS, usually versions 7 or lower (at the time of writing 8.15+ is considered stable). On systems that are already on 8+ it is possible to restore the system sucessfully from a backup but earlier ones will need a HDA technician to check your system to identify the damaged system file and repair it.

If your system is out of warranty then there is a charge of 1 unit for this repair. Please contact HDANYWHERE first to arrange a technician slot.