Controlling Lutron from uOS

This guide explains how to pull data from Lutrons API protocol so you can control it directly from uOS.

Lutron in uOS

What this guide will cover:

  1. How to control Lutron lights in your home.
  2. How to add that API into uOS.

Important: you must have the IP addresses first

For the purposes of this guide we are going to pretend that your Lutron gateway is on IP address and your uOS device (MHUB, MZMA or Zone Processor) is on We will use this to illustrate all examples moving forward.

What a typical Lutron command looks like,2,1,75,01:30

Understanding what the variables above mean:
This is the IP address of your Lutron gateway.

This is the operation character for executing an action. For more information on these see the slideshow below.

The first number in the string is the ID for the device.

The second number in the string is the action number, which in this instance is a dimmer.

This number sets the level of the dimmer, so in this case 75%.

This is the fade time of the dimmer.

Testing your APIs

We recommend that you test every API before you enter them into uOS. All IP based APIs have different requirements when it comes to testing, Lutron’s method is a little different as it needs to be done over Telnet in command prompt.

To test your commands, open up command prompt on your laptop or PC and enter telnet 23

Remember, your IP address will be different, you must use the Lutron gateway IP address for this, the port is 23.

You now need to wait for it to connect which may take a few minutes, then you will be asked to login. The username is lutron, and the password is integration. You will now be able to test your commands in the terminal. Observe the device you are trying to control, and see if your commands changes the outcome.

If it doesn’t work then try the following:

  • Make sure the IP address is correct.
  • Make sure that you do not have any typos.
  • Ensure that your IDs are correct and that you’re observing a light in the correct room and location.
  • Make sure that the structure of the API matches our example no spaces, no special characters, data is in the correct case (often lowercase).

How to add your APIs into uControl

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