Controlling SilentGliss from uOS

This guide explains how to pull data from the SilentGliss API so you can control it directly from uOS.

Shelly in uOS

What this guide will cover:

  1. How to control SilentGliss window coverings in your home.
  2. How to add that API into uOS.

Important: you must have the IP addresses first

You can get the IP address of your SilentGliss gateway device:

  1. Use a network discovery app like Fing to find the SilentGliss gateway on your network.

What a typical SilentGliss API command looks like

This command only shows the structure and does not include the actual action of the command which needs to be included in the body. This will be explained further through the guide.
This is the IP addresss of the gateway, a forward slash (/) needs to be added between each unique variable.

This is the URL version of the gateway.

This specifies we are affecting a device and what its ID is.

Command must go at the end as we are performing a POST execution method which is atempting to perform an action.

Testing your APIs

We recommend testing your API command before entering it into uOS to ensure it works. To do this we recommend installing an application called Postman.

If it doesn’t work then try the following:

  • Make sure the IP address is correct.
  • Make sure that you do not have any typos.
  • Ensure that your IDs are correct and that you’re observing a light in the correct room and location.
  • Make sure that the structure of the API matches our example no spaces, no special characters, data is in the correct case (often lowercase).

How to add your APIs into uControl

Need more help with the API? Get in touch.

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