Finding the IP address of your device

Your HDA device broadcasts its IP address using a protocol called mDNS over your Local Area Network (LAN). The easiest way to find your IP address is to use our app, uControl.

In this support article:


Finding your device on a (new/reset) system

1. Open uControl app

Launch uControl and you will see the Home Page.

You now need to press advanced.

2. Press “Find Devices”

This is your Advanced Page where you can find the HDA systems connected to your network.

From here you can find your devices, connect over WiFi, reset your system and more.

3. “Available System(s)”

Your connected devices will show here along with their IP address.

If you have more than one device you can use the identify button to make the power LED blink.

Finding your device if you’re already connected to a system

1. Open up uControl

If you’re already connected to a system then you will need to access uControl’s settings. From the main screen you will see something similar to this (see below). From here, look for a menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner, press that to reveal the Zone selector and Zone control menu.

What you see on the main screen may differ, however, the three lined menu bar will still be there.

2. Navigate to your settings

Look for the settings icon located in the bottom left corner.

The icon may vary depending on your mobile devices size, however, it will still be in the bottom left corner.

3. Utilities

This is your device page which displays your model and IP address, if you want a list of all connected devices go to utilities.

From here you can also add another device to your setup using the plus sign in the top right.

4. Find Devices

This page is where you can update, reset or find your available connected systems.

To reset your system as you can see below, you will need to press it 10 times.

5. Available Systems

Here you will see all your connected devices, and their IP addresses.

If you have multiple devices connected, you can distinguish between them by pressing the identify button which will make the power LED flash.