Updating uOS through uControl

Your HDA device will be supplied with the latest stable software version already installed. To access the latest features or maintain your system, it is recommended that you perform periodic updates to uOS. This process must be done manually as we do not push updates to systems automatically. Ensure that your system has access to a good internet connection and that power to your uOS device is stable during the process.

In this support article:


If you are not connected to a device

1. Open uControl app

Launch uControl and you will see the home page.

You now need to press advanced.

2. Press “Update”

This is the advanced screen where you can find your devices, connect over WiFi, reset your system and more.

Your IP address will be needed here so uControl knows which device is looking for an update.

3. Enter the devices IP address

If you don’t have this you can get it by finding the IP address of your device.

Once you have typed in your IP address, press “Continue”.

4. Updating your device

A. If there is an available update press “Update Device”.
B. If your device is already up to date, exit this page.

If your HDA device has an issue that prompted you to update, but it is already up to date please contact support.

5. Terms and Conditions

To proceed accept the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) and Privacy Statement.

For more information click on the terms.

6. Update begins

This process can take up to 5 minutes, however, depending on your network it could be longer.

Please do not switch off your HDA device whilst updating.

7. Update completed

uControl will display your OS Version.

Press “Update Finished”.

If you are connected to a device

1. Open up uControl

If you’re already connected to a system then you will need to access uControl’s settings. From the main screen you will see something similar to this (see below). From here, look for a menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner, press that to reveal the Zone selector and Zone control menu.

What you see on the main screen may differ, however, the three lined menu bar will still be there.

2. Navigate to your settings

Look for the settings icon located in the bottom left corner.

The icon may vary depending on your mobile devices size, however, it will still be in the bottom left corner.

3. Press “Utilities”

This will take you to your devices service page.

From here you can also see your connected devices IP address(s).

4. Press “Update”

From this page you can also find your devices, and reset one. To find out more check out our uOS Utilities page.

The next page will show you your connected HDA devices.

5.“Available Systems”

If you have a stacked system, or multiple devices they will show here.

Once an update is found you will be taken to the update screen.

6. Begin update

If your device is updateable it will start, and include which version you’re updating to.

Press “Update Device”.

7. Terms and Conditions

To continue please acknowledge the legal terms.

For more information on the legal terms, you can read the End-User Licence Agreement (EULA) and the Privacy Statement.

8. Await download

This process can take up to 5 minutes, however, depending on your network it could be longer.

Please make sure not to power down your device whilst the update is downloading.

9. Update completed

uControl will now let you know the update is complete.

Press “Update Finished”.