Installing uControl Packs

If your HDA device has uControl, you can download IR or IP packs to control thousands of third party devices from the interface of the uControl mobile app. In this guide you will see how to browse our extensive library to download and control the packs for your devices.

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Installing uControl Packs from uControl

1. Open uControl

From the main screen navigate to the menu in the top left.

What you see on the main screen may differ, however, the three lined menu bar will still be there.

2. Navigate to your settings

Look for the settings icon located in the bottom left corner.

The icon may vary depending on your mobile devices size, although it will still be in the bottom left corner.

3. Access System

From here press Access System.

This is your device page which displays your units model and IP address.

4. uControl Packs

In this menu press “Manage uControl Packs”.

This will take you to the page where you can download IR and IP packs, and also create IP connections for integrating 3rd party controllers.

5. Add New

Now we are in uOS press Add New and a pop up window will appear, press uControl Pack.

The below option (Setup an IP device), is for integrating third party controllers to be controlled by uOS.

6. Port Select

You must now select if you’re installing a pack for a source device or a display/output.

You may have labelled your ports after the sources plugged into the HDA device in the setup like above, or they may remain named numerically.

7. Pack Information

Once you have chosen the port you need to select the device type, its manufacturer and model then press install.

In the top right you will see the option to switch between IR and IP packs.

8. Testing the pack

The last step is to test the commands to make sure you have the correct pack installed, if you get a response press install.

If you do not see a response, ensure you have the IR trasnmitter plugged into the correct “Source IR Out” port and have the bud itself covering the IR window of the source device.

9. Using the pack in uControl Homepage

You will see your available sources at the top of the uControl Homepage, and you can use these icons to switch between inputs.

The pack UI will have the buttons which would appear on the remote, along with a gesture box for navigation and volume controls located at the bottom.