Using Flirc with NVIDIA Shield for use with uControl

Some devices no longer have built in IR receivers. To enable them to be used with the uControl app you can add a third party device called FLIRC. This connects to a source device via USB and turns IR codes into control commands the source device recognises.

The Flirc device can be found here – Flirc

Install the Flirc software on your computer, and install this profile onto your laptop/PC – NVIDIA Shield

Load up the Flirc software and in the top left click File, and then Load Configuration and choose the NVIDIA Shield profile you have just downloaded

Remove your Flirc from the laptop/PC and connect it to the female USB port on the back of your NVIDIA Shield. Next place the IR transmitter from you HDANYWHERE device on or near to the Flirc.


Once this is done you can install the NVIDIA Shield IR pack and control your NVIDIA device with uControl.