Enabling/Disabling CEC on your HDANYWHERE device

You may not need to use CEC or you have been prompted to disable it by support as it can cause conflicts between displays and external devices like soundbars, causing audio pass-through issues.

The examples in the guide focus on disabling CEC, however, to re-enable it replace “Off” with “On”.

There are 3 ways to disable CEC:

  1. Sending a URL command
  2. Hercules
  3. Nc

Please note

The command variable is x meaning you put the Output port here when you want to disable it. To disable Output A put 1, to disable Output B put 2 and so on. To disable all Output ports +1 to however many HDBaseT ports there are. For example if you have a 4-way matrix input 5 to disable all ports.

Using an MHUB S (8+8×8)? Make sure to only send HDMI command – CecOutxOff!


To execute the command successfully you will need to be on a laptop/PC which is connected to the same network as your HDA device, and its IP address. For this example our HDA devices IP address is Send it in your web browsers URL/search bar, the first command disables CEC for HDMI and the second command is for HDBaseT.



If done correctly you will see a response saying “Cec Out x Off” for one Output that has been disabled or “Cec Out all Off” if all Outputs were disabled.


Hercules SETUP utility
useful serial port terminal (RS-485 or RS-232terminal) , UDP/IP terminal and TCP/IP Client Server terminal. Produced by www.HW-group.com.

If you don’t have Hercules already download it using the link above, we can use it to send our CEC command to our device. Once installed run the software. Hercules only requires the command itself so you don’t need to include like you do in URL.

You should see a response in black below Received/Sent data saying CEC has been disabled if done correctly.


Netcat can be used to send direct commands to a device via TCP or UDP. You will need to open up your terminal and enter nc 8000 and press enter.

Please note is only an example IP address and yours may be different. Below you will see both the HDMI command (CecOut1Off!) and HDBaseT command (CecFOut1Off!) being sent with their responses below, to exit press Ctrl + C.