Picture problems with laptop/PC and MHUB Stack

Picture problems can occur in an MHUB Stacked System when there is a laptop or PC as an input. The problem presenting itself can vary depending on the graphics card in the device and typically picture passes to the first MHUB in the Stack (S1), but not to the second MHUB (S2).

To resolve the issue we can place an HDMI Splitter MAX (1×2) in between the input (laptop/PC) and the Source (IN) port on MHUB. Your laptop or PC woud be connected via HDMI and plugged into the unlabelled input on the HDMI Splitter MAX (1×2), then taking another HDMI cable plug this into the HDMI port labelled A on the splitter and connect it into your desired input on the Foundation Layer (S1). For the second MHUB (S2) you would take another HDMI cable and plug it into the port labelled B on the Splitter, and connect it to the Source (IN) port on the second MHUB (S2).

If you are part of one of the unlucky 2% this issue affects please note that this is the most efficient work around to date, however, we are investigating a more permanent software fix for a future rollout. If this work around fails and the issue persists, which can happen please contact HDANYWHERE Support.

Wiring diagram: