EDID management: Modular 4×4 and 8×8

EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is information provided by a display to describe its capabilities to a source. It contains information including resolution, audio formats and frame rates. Modular has the ability to ‘Fix’ the EDID profile to allow a source to always pass video with a fixed resolution and/or specific audio output (i.e 1080p […]

Modular Error Codes (4×4 and 8×8)

Error Code Description 1001 Corrupt Service Card – Replace the SDCard or format and re-create 1002 Insert valid SDCard – No card detected or installed in the unit 1003 Write Protect Mode – SDCard is in write protect mode 1004 System Failure – MatrixOS is missing from the system and needs to be installed – […]

Modular (4×4) 3.50.62

Modular 4×4 Product code: 3.50.62 MOD44 Modular 4×4 is a triple award-winning HDMI matrix that supports 4K ULTRA HD video up to distances of 100m. Modular is customisable, meaning that you can spec a 4×4 chassis to have two inputs and four outputs, or three inputs and four outputs for example. This gives installers the […]

HDanywhere Modular 8×8, 4×4 and mHub 4K Product Support For Loxone

HDanywhere Modular 8×8, 4×4 and mHub 4K Product Support For Loxone We are pleased to say that we have an IP based ready-made control system driver for Loxone for HDanywhere Modular 8×8 and 4×4 and the mHub 4K. The driver currently supports video switching and may grow to encompass larger parts of the API over […]

mHub 2K PoE (4×4) 3.52.636

mHub 2K PoE Product Code: 3.52.636 The limited edition mHub 2K PoE builds on the functionality of the original mHub 2K, adding HDBaseT-Pro (Class A) technology and supporting the full 5-Play™ feature set: uncompressed full HD digital video, audio, 10/100 Ethernet, power over cable and control signals over a single Cat 6 cable. IMPORTANT: mHub […]

Modular (8×8) 3.50.62

Modular 8×8 Product code: 3.50.62 MOD88 Our premium Modular 8×8 matrix distributes 4K ULTRA HD*, 1080p and 3D up to 100m / 328 ft, when using HDBaseT-Pro (Class A) receivers. Modular 8×8 has a suite of advanced features, including super fast switching speed, CEC control of the matrix and displays, and support for remotely located […]

mHub 4K (4×4) 3.52.628 (Discontinued)

THIS MHUB HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AND IS SUPERSEDED BY A NEWER SYSTEM. WITH NEW DRIVERS AND SOFTWARE. DOWNLOAD ONLY IF THIS PAGE REFERS TO YOUR MHUB SYSTEM. mHub 4K Product code: 3.52.628 UK-PKG-FF-44-HDBTLI mHub 4K is a new HDBaseT-Lite 4×4 matrix package capable of distributing 4K ULTRA HD up to 40m / 131 ft. Two […]

Using the HDC Trade Modular System Builder

The Modular System Builder is an invaluable tool when you need to get a quote or setup a Modular system quickly and correctly. But before you do start configuring your system make sure that you note the following: The Modular Chassis options for the 4×4 and 8×8 have different power requirements. The 4×4 can be […]

Control Drivers for MHUB Series (IP / RS232) MHUB2K/MHUB4K (2016/2017)

Control Drivers for the MHUB Family (IP / RS232 / IR) – MHUB2K44 MHUB2K88 MHUB4K44 MHUB4K88 MHUB4K431 MHUB4K862 MHUB4KPRO44 MHUB4KPRO88 We have ready-made control system drivers available for MHUB series systems for all the major control systems. These can all be found in our control pack which can be downloaded Here Also included in this […]

HDBaseT compatibility with Panasonic CX/CS series

The recent release of Panasonic’s new CX/CS HDTVs feature no support for the HDBaseT transmission technology found in HDanywhere’s multiroom matrices (Modular 4×4 and 8×8 / mHub 4K / 100m Pro Extender). This software incompatibility caused these displays to be unable to display picture from HDanywhere products. Please note that this only affects NEW Panasonic […]

Support for Discontinued Products

Matrices Extenders Converters Splitters App Matrices mHub 4K II (4×4) Product code: MHUB4K44 Access support for this product mHub 4K II (8×8) Product code: MHUB4K88 Access support for this product mHub 2K II (4×4) Product code: MHUB2K44 Access support for this product mHub 2K II PoE (4×4) Product code: 3.52.636 Access support for this product […]