Troubleshooting: Green screen

In most cases, if you are experiencing green screen on your display then this is often down to the HDMI cable in between. A quick way to test to see if this is the case is to replace your existing HDMI cable with our range of 4K or 8K HDMI cables. If that doesn’t work, move your HDMI source to another display in your property (use a different HDMI cable), connect it up and observe to see if the same behaviour follows the box. This will help you determine if the issue is the cable or the HDMI source.

The article below describes how to troubleshoot a green screen when using a HDANYWHERE product, if you are having green screen issues and you do not own a HDA product then we recommend you buy our 4K or 8K HDMI cables and give that a go first – they come with free shipping!


There is no picture or maybe a green screen following standby or when switching between source devices via a matrix. Most often this problem occurs once the TV goes to standby, and when brought out of standby to an ‘on’ state, it will not handshake properly and green screen instead of video appears.

Green screen flashes generally indicate a HDCP (Digital Content Protection) handshaking issue, or a HDMI hot plug detect issue between that particular source device and display.

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