Unable to get HDR through MHUB or XTND to TV / Projector

If your MHUB is marked with “TPC” then it is capable of passing a HDR picture to your display. There are a number of reasons why HDR may not be fed through your HDA device. This support post aims to troubleshoot the most common reasons and how to resolve them.

Important: there are different versions of HDR, make sure your display supports the format your source is outputting!
There are multiple variants of HDR such as HLG, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, please ensure your display supports the relevant HDR technology.

When connecting your HDR enabled source and display to a HDA system you may need to adjust some settings to get it to work.

  1. First, disconnect the source and connect it directly to your display. Do you get HDR?
  2. Ensure you are using High Speed HDMI Cables, this is important as long HDMI cables (over 5m) unless Active or Fibre will not work.
  3. Was you HDA device manufactured before 2019? Does it have TPC markings or 18G/18Gbps on it anywhere? If it doesn’t then there is a good chance that your HDA device does not support HDR as it was made before the specification was finalised.
  4. Does your HDA device support scaling? If so please ensure it is set to bypass.
  5. Copy or set a custom EDID directly from your display. This post explains how to copy EDID directly from your display.