Troubleshooting Control4 with HDA


Included below are some troubleshooting steps we recommend carrying out if having issues with integrating Control4 with HDA devices:

Unable to connect your MHUB to the driver?

  • There are many drivers to choose from so you must ensure you have the correct one installed, a link to our drivers page can be found here. There are drivers for basic switching or product specific drivers that offer a more in dpeth form of control, so it is vital the correct one is downloaded and that you are not using an old copy. If you are unsure which driver to download please contact support.
  • Ensure that your HDA device has not changed its IP address.
  • Try manually connecting to the system by inputting the HDA devices IP address into the driver, making sure to disable auto-discovery.
  • Make sure that the devices are up to date.
  • Go through first boot on MHUB-OS or uOS.
  • Make sure you have set the unit to be powered on at all times in the driver by setting the state to true.

Connected but having issues controlling the system?

  • In a Stacked System you will need to download a separate instance of the driver for each unit.
  • Make sure the correct ports are assigned in the driver.
  • If you’re using IR pass-through make sure to use our IR Transmitters.